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July 18, 2022

3 Boxes of Podcast Chocolate

3 Boxes of Podcast Chocolate

Today we have three shows that admittedly are all over the place. As Forrest says, "You never know what you're going to get."


The School of Podcasting - use the coupon code trailer - Podcasting is hard - our community makes it easier

Podpage - Great looking websites for your podcast with No Coding

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Conversations with Rich Bennet

Listen to stories and conversations with people from all walks of life and from different areas of the World. Rich Bennett speaks with different guests about business, art, addiction, and so many other interesting things. Rich is also joined at times by different co-hosts that make the conversations even more interesting

The Odd Conversation

Julia & Phillip are sister and brother who find themselves experiencing a survivalist closeness. Over the years many determined their understanding of each other as intriguing but hard to distinguish. In this podcast series, the siblings exchange views about issues that shape their lives, divulging perspectives in conversation, not only in their lives but in the world as it appears - surprising & potentially enlightening along the way. Catch up with the series @theoddconversation #theoddconversation

Technically a Conversation

A podcast for curious people, by curious people. Every week we take turns presenting a new topic, and the other host has no idea what the topic will be. We strive to educate in a way that’s loose and fun! Our topics are all over the place, from light and funny to dark and sometimes spooky. Parental Advisory Warning: We might use strong language.

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