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June 29, 2022

Creative Career Shows

Creative Career Shows

Today we have some trailers that talk about managing your career or focusing on navigating into a new one.


If you believe design can change the world, you’ve found your humans here on ARCHITECTING! This show is about the architect as a person and helps you bypass the status quo traps in our profession and teaches you how to make an impact with real-life strategies. Angela Mazzi helps overwhelmed and burned-out architects reclaim their passion for great design. Together, we’ll explore Thought Leadership, how to achieve your next career level, Time/Energy Management tips to stay balanced, Promoting Wellbeing in work and life and Conscious Design and Social Change. As an architect, firm partner and mother, Angela understands what it’s like to juggle career and home life, and not lose sight of your WHY. She believes architecture affects everyone profoundly and that it is not acceptable for architects to ”dumb down” their work to satisfy low budgets or risk adversity on the part of our clients. We need to stand in our power and use our skills to make the world a better place. Are you an architect looking to make a difference? Maybe you want to contribute to social change and make a meaningful contribution. Maybe you have a passion project or just want to improve your community one project at a time.

Looking Forward

Looking Forward is THE podcast about TRENDS, OPPORTUNITIES, and the FUTURE, and how YOU might capitalize on those: THINK.. jobs, careers, business start-ups, ventures, investments, life enrichment. Guests are experts in their field, and many are household names, authors, and/or from esteemed universities. Looking Forward offers a very reasonable way for advertisers to promote their product or service, especially given its positive spin. it's also great source for media outlets, publishers, etc. to include in their content. Some, such as, are doing that!

Steer your career with kadima

“Steer Your Career with Kadima” is a podcast hosted by Alan Stein, Founder and CEO of Kadima Careers. Kadima helps underrepresented, underestimated, and underpaid professionals land high-paying jobs at the world’s best tech companies. 

Join Alan each week as he interviews amazing professionals in the tech industry and beyond. They’ll talk about their career journeys and what they’ve learned, including some SYCK Tricks to help you accelerate your career.


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