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July 7, 2022

Love Thy Legal Podcasts

Love Thy Legal Podcasts

Today we have three trailers that focus on Lawyers

Love Thy Lawyer

Focusing on, but not limited to, Alameda County California attorneys, we meet and get to know practicing attorneys, people connected to the legal profession, and those affected by the justice system. How they got there, what they're doing, how they experience the practice of law and their connection to it

Class Action

Katie Phang. They’re idealistic, diverse, and passionate about seeking justice. And they’re fighting each other in court in the 21-22 season. Upstart law teams from Texas, New York and South Dakota are vying for a national championship, and a rising undergrad program is on a journey to the promised land of mock trial competitions.

Life and Law

Tired of the mental exhaustion from trying to stay on top of everything, just barely squeezing life in? Want to get to the next level of your legal career without losing yourself in the process? Worried that balance isn't really possible as a lawyer? The problem is that you're likely doubling down on what you've been doing, which creates diminishing returns that will eventually burn you out. If you want success in both law and life, then it's time to start thinking and doing differently. Which is what this podcast is all about. Join Heather Moulder, former AmLaw 100 partner turned lawyer leadership and business coach for practical, no-nonsense advice on how become a happily successful lawyer. Because success without happiness isn't success at all. Tune in each week for Heather's wisdom and thought-provoking perspective (from over 18 years in private practice) on current topics such as: attorney wellbeing, stress management, mindfulness, law practice management, leadership development, emotional intelligence, client development, attorney promotion, legal marketing, and (of course) work life balance. For more information about Heather and the podcast


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