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Aug. 3, 2022

Podcasts About Podcasting

Podcasts About Podcasting

Today I sound like an egomaniac as all the promos are from my shows:

Your Podcast Consultant

This show answers the popular questions you see in many groups. The host Dave Jackson also does tech support for one of the biggest podcast hosts. All of the episodes are 9 minutes in less. Small lessons with big value.


Podcast Review Show

This show brings you on the show after you pick an episode for us to listen to. We spotlight those things you are doing well so you can do more of those, and point out those things that need a little polish


Podcast Rodeo Show

On this show, I grab a random podcast and see how long I can hang on and then take my 17 years of podcasting experience and give you an honest FIRST IMPRESSION


School of Podcasting

This shows helps you plan, launch, and GROW your show through interviews, investigations, and insights. You will laugh while you learn about how to podcast in a way that engages your audience.

Ask the Podcast Coach

This is free podcast consulting. We do it every Saturday at 10:30 AM ET at and you can catch the replays at

This Show Is Being Retired

This show takes up a much, MUCH larger amount of time, and the harvesting of content is much more frustrating than expected. I also expected a bit more promotional help with some partners that didn't materialize.

In the end, the time I'm spending on this show I can use on another resource that will deliver more value. We only have 24 hours each day, and all of our time is valuable.

One Easy to Remember Website to Find Me

See you at

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