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May 25, 2022

Rediculous, Dumb and Deadly Comedies

Rediculous, Dumb and Deadly Comedies

If you like weird stories about dumb people that occasionally die doing terrible ideas, then you'll love this episode

Rediculous Crime

True Crime is more than blood, guts, mayhem, and murder. Zaron Burnett and Elizabeth Dutton share outlandish tales of capers, heists, and cons that shine a light on the absurd and outrageous side of criminality. Always 99% murder-free and 100% ridiculous, this is Ridiculous Crime, a podcast by iHeartRadio

Dumb People With Terrible Ideas

The only podcast in the world that makes smart people laugh and dumb people learn. It’s like the movie trailer guy got a PhD in Economics, and then went to open-mike night at the Comedy Store. In each episode, your brilliant and handsome narrator guides you through a single well-researched story of dumb people, stupid ideas, occasional sound effects, and 25 clever turns of phrase. Exclusive content for email subscribers at

The Darwin Podcast Awards

A weekly podcast that takes great pleasure in discussing the jaw-dropping and numerous ways in which humans remove themselves from the gene pool through their own stupidity. Each week we take 4 new and recent Darwin Award nominees and, after some lively discussion, choose a winner.


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