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July 22, 2022

Three Spiritual Podcasts

Three Spiritual Podcasts

Today we start with Astrology and end with the new earth. Three shows that put a little woo in the woo-whoo.


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It's Astrological

This is astrology as self-care, providing you with different perspectives to help you make connections between the stars and your own patterns, behaviors, and cycles. We’re opening the door to self-care through self-acceptance and understanding...without judgment. Let’s help you find your own divine timing and flow so you know that your higher self and the cosmos are always supporting you.

My Virgo Friend

Welcome to the "My Virgo Friend" podcast! Your new weekly resource for astrology updates, energy forecasts and intuitive messages with your new Virgo friend, Che Che. This podcast will also discuss diverse topics regarding spirituality (i.e. law of attraction, mental health, toxic relationships, etc.) to assist in your spiritual journey. To truly heal, one must seek to understand both the light and dark parts of oneself. As above, so below. As within, so without. The "My Virgo Friend" podcast is here to help you understand the duality in your own life, and how to transmute that energy into power.

Becoming Crystalline

Did you know that you are Earth's most powerful technology? Humans are far more powerful than we have been taught. It's time to remember your multi-dimensional nature and to awaken the Crystalline Body. Join Crys Armstrong, Transformational Guide and Energy Healer, on his journey of Becoming Crystalline, awakening the Divine Blueprint within in order to serve Humanity during the Great Awakening.Each week Crys reflects on his own journey, sharing the tools and techniques that help him to remember his own power and awaken the power of the human body. Enjoy regular interviews with his friends, teachers, and healers that support our mission to awaken and activate the Crystalline Nature of the Human Temple.

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