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June 17, 2022

Two Friends Having Fun Podcasts

Two Friends Having Fun Podcasts

Trusty Hogs

Join comedians Helen Bauer (Daddy Look at Me, Live at the Apollo) and Catherine Bohart (Mash Report, Roast Battle, Mock the Week) for a weekly dose of chaos & hilarity as they try to solve all your problems whilst barely wrangling their own!

Although they may sometimes be disgusting, they are reliable, like true Trusty Hogs.

10ish Podcast

Comedy and edutainment podcast discussing and breaking down a Top 10ish List every week in real-time, including: Highest-grossing films ever, worst U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, best-selling video games, most visited websites, deadliest cults, and much more. Plus: fun facts, trivia, hot takes, and hot dogs. 175+ episodes and counting, with new episodes every Wednesday!



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